Sunday, November 3, 2013

Heidi Klum 14th annual Halloween party at the Marquee NYC

We had the honor to attend the Heidi Klum annual Halloween party this year. I made this intricate 15th century white pearl gown  (very queen Elizabeth )and Jesus and Antonio Estrada made something that compliments the white gown in a shorter sexier version. The party was definitely one of the best Halloween party with many celebrities. Heidi klum outdid herself too, this year she made her self look twice her age with all prosthetics and very detailed veins. Thank you Heidi for having us and see you  next year! 

-Viktor Luna 

The Making of the white gown: 

The gown was made from upholstery fabrics provided by Mood Fabrics on 225 37th street nyc. I used a strong buckram fusible material that will give body to the bodiceonce. I made a 10 piece puzzle pattern for the bodice, once fused with the buckram I sewed them together. 

I continued by pleating the skirt part. First I started with the center then I sewed the sided in two equal parts. The sleeves where attached with a zipper on the slim part of the sleeve. I used E6000 to affix the pearls throughout the dress. 

 Inside the gown I made two side pillow belt that I tied on the lower hip and a petticoat under to give volume. The neck piece is made from stiff organza and plastic table mat. 

This costume took me approximately 3 days to complete and I used many accessories to add to the already  stunning look. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures!